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Made with passion in Italy – Supporting Australian Cyclists and Retailers.

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01 V E G A M U L T I

Complete thermal balance in diverse climatic conditions.

02 C O L O R E

For cold weather conditions.

03 G U A R D N I M B U S

For mild temperatures with rain.

04 L A V A - B I B S

Stay warm even on your longest winter rides.

05 N E B U L A

Cut through the wind.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O

Ride in comfort all winter long.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O B I B T I G H T S

Our Winter Training Companion

This year we have designed 2 Limited Edition Kits each specifically inspired by the 2020 Tour Down Under.

Our Salita jersey was designed as a celebration of each and every KOM classified climb on every stage in this year’s edition of the Santos Tour Down Under. The basis of the design began by tracing the profile of each climb, from base to summit, then combining each graphic element together to form a tile pattern that could be applied across the entirety of the jersey. The colours follow the newly revamped brand style guide for the TDU.

The design for our Onda jersey was primarily focused on creating an item with a clean, paired down aesthetic. Adopting a simple, wave-grid pattern on a dark-navy background and matching it to a vibrant orange fade used on the sleeves and pocket.