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Best Sellers

Made with passion in Italy – Supporting Australian Cyclists and Retailers.

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01 V E G A M U L T I

Complete thermal balance in diverse climatic conditions.

02 C O L O R E

For cold weather conditions.

03 G U A R D N I M B U S

For mild temperatures with rain.

04 L A V A - B I B S

Stay warm even on your longest winter rides.

05 N E B U L A

Cut through the wind.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O

Ride in comfort all winter long.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O B I B T I G H T S

Our Winter Training Companion

IRONMAN® triathlons are the ultimate individual sporting challenge. They test your fitness. They test your dedication. And above all, they test your will. For all of you who have that IM tattoo somewhere on your body, who knows what it’s like to run under the IRONMAN clock with your hands in the air, and for everyone who is working so hard to hear the announcer call your name and say YOU ARE AN IRONMAN, we dedicate this collection to you. The Santini IRONMAN collection is designed to support your IRONMAN goals. We took the latest, high-tech, aero-light, fast-drying fabrics, applied our fiftyyears of experience making performance clothing for world-class athletes, and turned out a collection of clothing we hope inspires you as much as you inspire us.

Please allow up to four weeks for your order to be made an delivered