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Made with passion in Italy – Supporting Australian Cyclists and Retailers.

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01 V E G A M U L T I

Complete thermal balance in diverse climatic conditions.

02 C O L O R E

For cold weather conditions.

03 G U A R D N I M B U S

For mild temperatures with rain.

04 L A V A - B I B S

Stay warm even on your longest winter rides.

05 N E B U L A

Cut through the wind.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O

Ride in comfort all winter long.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O B I B T I G H T S

Our Winter Training Companion


To ensure that you can customize your uniform in every aspects and according to your needs of style, comfort and performance, we decided to make available for you any fabric, cut, chamois and technical features used in our professional products. Combining them, we’ll help you create the uniform you’ve always dreamed of. All handmande in Italy. And tailored for you.


Studied and tested on our professional teams for you to get the best, our sidebands will allow you to customize the shorts on your style. Each band bears the name of the team for which we developed the model itself. Choose the one you prefer!

Sleek 2.0
Sleek Plus
Sleek 99

BIBS Made of breathable mesh or compact fabric, bibs are perfect to guarantee the comfort and the perfect fit you are looking for in cycling shorts.

ELASTIC To ensure perfect fit and positioning of the jersey during your rides, we’ve developed and implemented this special elastics. We believe that’s not you that have to wear your garment, but it’s the garment that needs to wear you.

ELASTIC CUFF Perfect to ensure the correct position of the mesh and give you the fit you want, the cuff elastics are a fundamental accessory to enhance the fit.


Designed and developed by ourself with the help of our professional athletes, our chamois will allow you to stay on the saddle for hours without sacrificing comfort. All handmade, they do not have seams in contact with the skin, thus ensuring a perfect fit.
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Aerodynamics, fit and comfort are key features for a technical garment, and the right cut will allow you to take full advantage of these benefits. Choose the one that suits you best.


Developed to provide maximum aerodynamics and comfort on the bike, it adheres on the body and follows it perfectly. Amatorial: It combines comfort in racing position with a slightly wider fit. Perfect for training times and for those who do not want the jersey to be too tight. American: It offers wider fit and long and provides comfort without compromising performance. Lady: Exclusively designed for women, it’s tight on the waist and perfectly follows the shapes of the female body, giving you a jersey that will guarantee excellent performance and an enviable look.


Indispensable to carry with you everything you need, pockets are an essential accessory for anyone who spends much time on the saddle. Choose from our solutions the one that best suits your needs and your style.


The technology of our fabrics allows you to get the best from the point of view of both comfort and performance: breathability, lightness and aerodynamics are just some of the technichal characteristics that can be enhanced choosing the right fabric.


All-jersey long, covered or invisible, the zip is an accessory that can change the look of your jersey, allowing you to control the level of ventilation.