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Best Sellers


Best Sellers

Made with passion in Italy – Supporting Australian Cyclists and Retailers.

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01 V E G A M U L T I

Complete thermal balance in diverse climatic conditions.

02 C O L O R E

For cold weather conditions.

03 G U A R D N I M B U S

For mild temperatures with rain.

04 L A V A - B I B S

Stay warm even on your longest winter rides.

05 N E B U L A

Cut through the wind.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O

Ride in comfort all winter long.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O B I B T I G H T S

Our Winter Training Companion

Major Prize Winner

Jason W (QLD)

Morgan Blue Miniature Maintenance Kit

Rick E (WA)

Basil City Shoulder Bag

Michelle F (QLD)

Basil Flex Back Pack

Strop W (NSW)

Bryton Rider 420

Shane M (NSW)

Impulse Sunglasses

Michael R (SA)

Full View Sunglasses

Matthew W (QLD)

Commander Sunglasses

William W (SA)

Maestro Helmet

Stuart P (NSW)

Northwave Revolution 2

Bruce D (WA)

Santini Gift Card

Stephen B (VIC)