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Best Sellers

Made with passion in Italy – Supporting Australian Cyclists and Retailers.

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01 V E G A M U L T I

Complete thermal balance in diverse climatic conditions.

02 C O L O R E

For cold weather conditions.

03 G U A R D N I M B U S

For mild temperatures with rain.

04 L A V A - B I B S

Stay warm even on your longest winter rides.

05 N E B U L A

Cut through the wind.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O

Ride in comfort all winter long.

06 C O R A L R A G G I O B I B T I G H T S

Our Winter Training Companion


At Santini we love just about everything there is to love about cycling.

Descending a twisting mountain road on a sunny summer afternoon.

Layering up arm warmers and leg warmers for an early morning winter ride.

Even giving our bikes some much needed TLC when it’s all over.

Although some of Australia’s finest riders wear Santini clothing to help maximise their performance
in international competition, we also believe that passion and love for cycling
isn’t just restricted to the world’s best.
That’s why we want riders of all levels – including everyday riders -
to experience our range of premium cycling clothing as a Santini Australia ambassador.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

Riders who are passionate about road cycling and who want to share that passion.
We’re looking to find riders who are on a journey they want others to be a part of, whether that’s a path to better fitness, travelling the world, or even becoming a better version of yourself.

People who identify with the values of Santini as a company, as well as our range of products.
After all, our main goal is to help bring the joy and beauty of cycling to more people around Australia and the world.

Someone with the ability to create unique and engaging social media content.
Can you take a photo that’ll make all of Australia gasp, or weave the written word in a way that means your audience will read all the way to the end?
Great! We want to hear about it!

Here’s what we’d be offering:

Receive an ongoing discount code for
all Santini Australia online purchases.

Receive a Santini Australia clothing
allowance allocated to you throughout
the year to ensure you deliver your
ultimate performance.

Share the love!
Get your OWN discount code for
family & friends to use all year round.

Plus loads more added benefits

Get Featured on Santini Australia social channels, spread your story and connect with like-minded cycling enthusiasts.

Know a club or group that needs custom kits? Receive a referral % for making it happen.

Party anyone? You will get access to attend the latest Santini Australia launches around the country.

Fancy attending Events & Meeting your heroes You will get Exclusive Access to Sponsored Cycling or Triathlon events.

See it FIRST! Exclusive Access to Limited Edition Kits.

Receive Exclusive Access to the NEW Santini Australia Collections before anyone else!

Feel a part of the Santini Crew with Santini Rides, followed by coffee of course & brunch!

Fill out the form below to submit your Brand Ambassador application and Join the Santini Community.